Esra Dalfidan


Esra Dalfidan's FIDAN

A jazzquintet led by Esra Dalfidan in which she performs her own compositions that contain a mixture of jazz and Turkish music.
For more information please visit the band's own website:

Esra Dalfidan - voice and composition
Tobias Klein - bass clarinet
Franz von Chossy - piano, accordion
Sean Fasciani - double bas
Uli Genenger - drums

Photo: Merlijn Doomernik

featuring Remco Campert

Poetry concert

Line up:

Remco Campert - recitation
Abbie de Quant - flute
David Kweksilber - clarinets, improvisations
Marieke Grotenhuis - accordion
Esra Dalfidan - voice (jazz), improvisations
Marieke van der Ven - tap dance


Every year Orkaan produces new music performances at venues throughout the Netherlands; the projects include musical performances for children up to 12 years; you can hear all kinds of music, including classical music, new music, jazz, improvised music, music that is sung and music from around the world.

Esra has been invited to produce a series of concerts for this target group; the production is called "The H van adem" and the premiere will take place 17th/18th of march 2012 at Concertgebouw Amsterdam; the subject matter is her own music and its process of development; Together with famous children book writer Joke van Leeuwen en director Cilia Hogerzeil the storyline is build and played by Esra's own quintet Esra Dalfidan's FIDAN

photo: Anna van Kooij
drawings: Joke van Leeuwen

Ik noem je sneeuw

Two mothers, forever linked by their sons. One son died on 11 September 2001 at the World Trade Center. The other is a terrorist sentenced to life imprisonment. Their friendship becomes symbol of exclamation: the connection between a French Muslim of Moroccan descent and a Christian American. What hesitantly starts from despair and pain becomes a powerful voice with which they form a message of peace to the world. Will they succeed despite all cultural and religious differences to maintain this unique commitment?

Inspired by jazz and live sang and played music.

Music: Bob Driessen
Text: Albertina Soepboer
Director: Gerda Holzhaus
Cast: Henriette Tukkers and Esra Dalfidan
Creative: Oeds Bouwsma(contrabass), Bob Driessen (sax / clarinet), Dick Rusticus (guitar), Jan Klug (soundscape), Pieter de Ruiter (images), Eva Villanueva (Decor / costumes)
Photography: Charles Zwaneveld

Esra Dalfidan & Tineke Postma

In 2008/2009 Stichting Jazzimpuls organized a series of concerts in which Esra was invited as a guest singer with Tineke Postma Quintet; in 20011/2012 will be a reprise with a new concept and line up; together with

Tineke Postma - sopr. and alto saxophone
Ferial Karamet Ali - piano
Jeroen Vierdag - bas
Martijn Vink - drums

Esra will present a unique cross over style not only between different cultures and styles of music but also between different disciplines: Jazz and Poetry. The concerts guide through a journey from Anatolian folk literature to German poetry.

Gandhi Bazaar

Gandhi Bazaar is a new group formed by Ned McGowan for a tour by the Music World Series Foundation. In combining five musicians with various backgrounds in jazz, classical, improvised, traditional Indian, Turkish or Flamenco, he creates a form of collective chamber music which uses techniques from all these genres. Commissioned by the Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts, the music has been composed to bring to life texts by the Dutch/Iranian poet Nafiss Nia. The theme is reincarnation - not particularly the religious belief in life after death, but rather about new cycles that one goes through during a single lifetime.

Ned McGowan - flute, bamboo flute, contrabass flute
Esra Dalfidan - voice
Raphael Vanoli - electric guitar
B. C. Manjunath - Indian percussion and cajon
Enric Monfort - cajon, marimba and percussion

Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck

Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck is a youth theatre company in the Netherlands that produces between 120 and 180 performances, spread over an average of three different productions, and takes the performances all over the Netherlands and the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium. The company performs regularly at festivals abroad. Esra Dalfidan is taking part in the current production as a singer and actress; the play called "Woestijnwind" is a fairytale from Turkey

text: Sophie Kassies
music: Selim Doğru
regie: Celil Toksöz

The premiere took place on 10th of october 2010 at Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck in Enschede; the play toured up until end of 2010; check agenda here

A reprise of Woestijnwind will take place between January and March 2013.




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