Esra Dalfidan


Esra Dalfidan begins her musical education at the early age of four. After five years of basic musical training she starts taking guitar lessons which inspire her to explore new horizons in classical music in addition to her singing. During this time she wins 1st prices at the renowhed German competition “Jugend  musiziert” and extensively tours and records with  the “LJZ Orchestra”.  After graduating from school she complets her degree in music therapy at the “Fachhochschule Heidelberg” (Germany) in 1998. Esra begins  working as a music therapist in neurological rehabilitation and parallel to that starts taking lessons in the field of jazz. During this time she switches her focus from guitar to vocals.In 2001 Esra commences her studies at the “Conservatory of Amsterdam” with Lydia van Dam, Ge Titulaer, Eileen Fiss, Debora Brown, Edwin Rutten, Ronald Douglas...In addition to her Conservatory training, Esra concentrates on composing her own pieces and formed her new group, “Fidan”: a group, which is serving as a platform for her to find the right concept and constellation to realize her own musical ambitions.